Jaw Removal

Any jaw will need to be removed from the shark (if you require Clean-a-Jaw to do that, there will be an additional cost). The jaws need to be wrapped up in plastic and frozen immediately, so as not to stain the cartilage with dried blood and fluids.

Jaw Mounting Available

Clean-a-Jaw not only cleans and restores the jaw to a beautiful white, but also mounts the jaw on a very modern looking round or oval shaped opaque perspex, together with an engraved silver-looking plaque below the jaw.

Delivery / Freight

We use Pack N Send for pick up and delivery of jaws for people who are not in Sydney (both domestic and international). The cost of shipping is extra. The usual turn around for jaws is usually around 2-3 months, although if it is an urgent job, it can be done in less time.

Confirming the final result

After a discussion to discern specific requirements, photographs are emailed showing what the end result will look like, so if there are any changes to be made, they can be made so as to ensure 100% satisfaction from our client. 


Base Pricing

Shark Jaw Cleaning

The pricing for cleaning a shark jaw that has been removed from the head is AUD$16/cm, based on the Dried Upper Jaw Perimeter (the measurement is taken from one corner of the mouth, along the top of the jaw, and to the other corner of the mouth).

An extra AUD$150 is charged to remove the jaw from the head.

The price for a jaw restoration is AUD$30.00/cm, again based on the Dried Upper Jaw Perimeter.

Price for a shark skull is AUD$50/cm, based on the measurement from the tip of the snout to the base of the skull.

Price for a complete shark skeleton is AUD$55/cm, based on the total length of the shark.

This price excludes cost of freighting or postage or mounting on a Perspex board.




*A deposit of 20% is required before any work can start on the jaw.


Shark Jaw Restoration

Restoration of old jaws


*A deposit of 20% is required before any work can start on the jaw.