Shark jaw for sale – True freshwater shark (Glyphis gangeticus)

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Description of Jaw For Sale
A true freshwater shark (Glyphis gangeticus) jaw is for sale. This is an ultra rare specimen of a little known and poorly understood shark which has a limited geographic area in which it lives in. Also known as the Ganges shark, this freshwater shark probably reaches at least 204cm in length, and males mature around the 178cm in length. It is found around the Indo-Western Pacific, the Hooghly River, the Ganges river system, Western Bengal, India and possibly Pakistan. It is found in freshwater rivers, possibly estuaries and inshore marine systems. Its status is considered to be Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Originally it was known in the 19th century from 3 specimens found in museums. Only recently, and it needs to be confirmed, was a set of jaws collected from a specimen in the Hooghly River. Its habitat is heavily fished and degraded. Its reputation as a maneater may actually be more due to the activities of the Bull shark (C. leucas).
Jaw Price
Asking price for this specimen is USD$1,100