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Shark Jaw Cleaning, Mounting, Restoring
& Other Services for Collectors & Museums

Clean-a-Jaw has extensive experience in preparing specimens for both scientific research as well as collectors. I have prepared jaws for a number of institutes which have used the jaws for research purposes.

In addition jaws in my personal collection have been used for detailed measurements in instances where there has been a shark attack and identification of the shark or its size was necessary.

I can also do either skull mounts or whole skeletal mounts of sharks for display purposes and study.

Details about the speciman


Collectors will receive a perfectly cleaned jaw, with the membrane covering the back row of teeth removed, and the jaw perfectly prepared, ready to be placed in their collection.

Collection data is provided in most cases (depending where the jaw comes from) – every attempt is made to get as much information as possible regarding the specimen.

If you require particular specimens, please let us know, as we have a vast network of contacts all around the world, who have access to research departments which can collect such specimens.

Caption: Simon hard at work restoring a Great White Shark jaw.

Illustrating the jaw


Jaws are often restored and prepared so they can be used for illustrative purposes, such as scientific journals and papers.

Photographs clearly showing the jaw structure, the rows and teeth of a perfectly cleaned upper and lower jaw, are important clearly illustrate articles, journals and possibly books.

Having a quality photograph of a nicely cleaned jaw, especially if the photo is in black and white (white jaw on black backdrop), is a great to any publication or journal.