Shark Jaw Cleaning and Restoration Services World-Wide

Clean-a-Jaw provides specialised expertise via a range of services related to shark jaws including, but not limited to, the cleaning of fresh shark jaws, and the restoration of old or badly cleaned jaws for gamefishermen, museums, collectors and research institutes alike.

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Shark Jaw Technician

Simon De Marchi (Clean-a-Jaw) is passionate about sharks and has been studying them and preparing collector  quality jaws for more than 30 years.

In the early days, he worked primarily with gamefishermen on shark jaws that were caught during tournament fishing. These days Simon, like the vast majority of the game fishing community he works with, is a strong proponent of catch and release fishing. Now the majority of fresh jaws he receives are the result of record fishing, or of sharks which cannot be revived and released.

Meanwhile, he is also working more and more with both fishermen and collectors to restore old, damaged and very often badly cleaned jaws that have been hidden away in storage for years.

Simon is a member of the of the Australian based Oceania Chondrichthyan Society, which facilitate education, conservation and scientific research of chondrichthyan fishes (sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras).

He is also a member of the USA based “Shark Research Committee” with Ralph Collier.


Cleaned & Restored Jaw

Some sharks such as the Mako shark, are not only revered as one of the greatest angling challenges among shark fishermen, but also excellent eating.

Although most should be tagged and released, whenever a catch is kept, anglers have the opportunity to remember their catch with a spectacular set of jaws.

Additionally, there has also been a large number of Great White shark jaws which are now surfacing which have languished in a garage somewhere, and suddenly, due to the rarity of the species, have been re-discovered and the owners wish to have them restored to their former glory.