Megamouth (Megachasma pelagios) jaw for sale.

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Description of Jaw For Sale
Jaw Origin

The shark was caught in a commercial net back in 2016, in SE Asia. It is said to have weighed over 1 ton.

Jaw Specifications

For sale is this beautiful and extremely rare Megamouth jaw (Megachasma pelagios).

This shark was caught in a commercial net in SE Asia, and it is estimated the shark weighed more than 1 tonne.

The jaw is about 52 cm in length from the tip of the jaw to its base.

The jaw has not been worked on or restored. It is in a semi-dried state and is currently wrapped up and in a freezer.

This jaw is a wonderful addition to any shark jaw collection, as very few specimens are found in either private collections or indeed Museums around the world.

This is a beautiful jaw, with the black band still on the lower jaw and parts of the skin still on the jaw.

The jaw can be cleaned and prepared if the buyer wishes to have it done.

Postage is worldwide, by courier, and is free.

Jaw Price
USD$ 16,000