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I have been cleaning shark jaws in Australia for the past 30 years, and have cleaned and restored hundreds of jaws. I offer a very specialised service, however no job is too big or too small. I also have available for sale very high quality jaws obtained from sustainable fishing sources. Email me with any enquiries. I am always happy to receive any feedback.

Once completed, the jaw will be returned via courier. I use Pack n Send, as they not only ship the jaw, but they also package it in addition to my packaging. Due to the bulk and fragile nature of the completed jaw, I will only ever use a courier., as this will ensure a safe and speedy delivery, with a tracking and delivery record. The cost will be determined before the jaw is shipped out. Depending on size and location it could vary from AUD$80 to AUD$150. If you wish to make other arrangements, please let me know.

I will ship internationally and in fact I have done so on a number of occasions, to Taiwan, London, Scotland and the USA. I also ship anywhere within Australia.

Simon De Marchi


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