Clean-a-Jaw provides specialized expertise to game fishermen, collectors and museums for the cleaning of fresh shark jaws, and the restoration of old or badly cleaned jaws.

Clean-a-Jaw does not endorse in any way the killing of sharks just for the trophy aspect. We encourage tag and release, but on those occasions you want to keep the jaws then ensure you have them cleaned to the highest possible standards in order to give justice to such a magnificent creature.

The process of cleaning a shark jaw is quite complex and must be carried out properly with no short cuts taken. The jaws, as the rest of the skeleton, consist of cartilage and fibres. They are not bone, therefore their preparation requires different techniques and chemicals.

Ignore methods such as boiling, burying them in sand or leaving them in seawater. You will only end up with a smelly piece of cartilage and lots of loose teeth.

There is no easy way of cleaning the jaws; just a lot of patience and attention to detail. The process of cleaning, whitening and drying the jaws takes on average about 3 months as the jaws are allowed to dry naturally before any of the final touches are applied in order to produce a superior result.

The restoration of old jaws is a more complex process as sometimes the jaws are badly damaged, coated in multiple layers of yellow varnish, discoloured or have a number of broken or missing teeth. The jaws are restored through a process of whitening and preserving the cartilage I have perfected over years. Any missing or broken teeth are either replaced or re-built to look exactly like the original. The latest techniques of casting and repairing are used, together with chemicals and sculpting compounds which I buy from all over the world. Repairs are also carried out on cracked, damaged or missing cartilage.


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